Are you interested in our products and services? Then keep on reading. We are trying to do the best for our customers and we will help you with your interior from scratch. Our activities cover multiple areas, which can be ordered as a standalone  or a complete service. The customer satisfaction is our goal and we will be pleased to provide our services from the beginning to the end!

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Fitting an appartement, house or an office with a new furniture to utilize the availble space as much as possible is not an easy task. Everything has to be designed perfectly from the beginning and a discussion with professionals may be the right way. Bring your ideas and demands to us and we will help you! Our skilled professionals will make your dreams come true!



Do you want a top quality furniture and the products sold in furniture stores do not satisfy your demands? Do you have your own design of a new kitchen, bedroom or a living room? Do you need to fit new furniture into a space of specific size and shape? Then do not hesitate and order our manufacture services! 



Is your new kitchen bigger than your car trunk? Or you do not want to transport the things on your own? Then go ahead and take the advantage of our transport services! We will transport everything you need from an old piano to a new kitchen. We have the right equipment, cars and experience!



To make your new furniture look perfect for decades, it is necessary to do the assembly correctly. Let us do this complicated job for you! Our professionals have plenty of experience and the right equipment for furniture assembly! We provide professional assembly of all interior elements such as wardrobes, kitchens or tables including necessary modifications. 



Have you started a new company and your office has to be furnished for the very first time? Do you need to add extra furniture for new short-time employees or you simply do not want to spend tremendous amount of money on new furniture? We have a solution for you - furniture rental! 


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